QNA Forum Theme Discy Review (2code themes)

Do you know forum sites get a lot of traffic on their site like quora? By creating a qna or forum site you can get a lot of visitors on your site and can earn money through showing ads. To create a forum site some people do coding to make a site according to them. Of course, this will be good but not everyone knows to code so what they will do?

There are many other ways to create a QNA Forum site. you can create using discourse, can create by installing WordPress theme and there are many other ways.

The easiest method to create a forum site is to install WordPress and use a forum theme. If we talk about the best forum themes in this list comes Discy, Ask me, Question engine, etc. These are the most popular forum theme for WordPress. But in this post, we will talk about the discy theme.

I have used Discy and Askme both themes. Both are created by the 2code theme have enough differences that make both separate from each other. Both are good theme but I personally prefer Discy rather than Ask me.

Discy WordPress Question and Answer Forum theme

Theme Name – Discy
Price – $59
By – 2code themes
Sales – 1000+
Review – 5/5 ( 224)

Live preview theme/Demo


This is a beautiful looking fully designed forum theme. This theme supports poll which makes it better than others and also this theme supports payment options. The 2code theme has designed it well. On the homepage, you can see Feed, recent question, most voted like many tabs (you can control these tabs) which makes it look like Quora. It has upvote and downvote feature that people can upvote or downvote any question. Some other features are that you can follow any question, make any question or answer favorite, etc.

Theme features

1.Responsive Design

  1. Awesome control panel
  2. Responsive widgets
  3. Responsive menu
  4. Good looking user profile with statics
  5. Advertisement ready
  6. Payment option
  7. Other question features

  1. Responsive Design -I have tried many methods to create a forum website but the work of days I can’t give the site a good look and other method takes some time to be well designed but in disc theme, you will get a predesigned theme. You just need to set up or enable or disable features according to you.
    This theme pre-ready so in a few hours you can set up everything. Design is responsive on mobile and desktop both. You will get the design what you except.
  1. Control Panel – The forum’s after design main thing is the control panel. Without it, it’s difficult to manage the site. Here in this theme, you will get a control panel like the Newspaper Divi theme, and also you will get questions and answers managing panel which is good to control the site.
  2. Responsive widget – the site’s other important feature is widgets. We have many important widgets that we want to add but some theme doesn’t have a responsive widget area that you can’t put your widgets well. This theme has a responsive widget area.
  3. Responsive menu – the menu of the theme looks good. It’s responsive on mobile and desktop both.
  4. Good looking user profile with statics – the thing which makes this theme better than others is the user profile page. On another forum theme when you check someone’s profile it looks like something is missing. It doesn’t affect you but users/visitors have some expectations too. You are designing a site for users so also you need to think about them too. Its user profile page has almost everything well designed.
  5. Advertisement ready – If you want to generate money from your forum site by advertising. The discy theme has advertisement spaces where you just need to put your ads code. To display ads on your site you don’t need to add the extra plugin. It gives multiple ads spaces where you can add multiple ads code on your site and can generate a good income.
  6. Payment option – If you want that people should pay for asking a question. This means if your site is premium or something special site like medical consultation site or business growth type site where people want your personal answer then you can add a payment option that people need to pay money to ask you a question.
  7. Other question features

• Detailed Question Page,
• Awesome Poll Page,
• Unique User and Profile Pages,
• User Points and Badges System,
• Ask Users,
• Questions and Answers Report System,
• Follow Questions,
• Add Questions to Favorites,
• Vote Up/Down System,
• Best Answer Picker,
• Notifications,
• Activity Log,
• Private Messaging,
• Ads Manager,
• Front-end Post Submission,
• Custom widgets,
• FAQs System,
• Social Media Sharing Buttons,
• Custom Login/Register Pages

Pros and Cons of Discy theme

Everythings have some good and bad. If we come to any product we can say its pros and cons. Discy theme has some pros and some cons here we talk about them.

Discy theme pros

This is a good forum theme and there is no doubt that it has many pros. Let’s know about them –

• Have a good responsive design and look which is better than other forum themes.
• In the mobile view, you will get user profile/login icon in the top right, on the left side you can see a menu, just below it search button, and ask question options make it look amazing.
• answer meta and question are well designed.
• advertisement ready
• payment option for the paid question.
• Easy control panel

Discy theme cons

Discy is a good theme but there are many cons that why I don’t like it.

• There are many bugs on the theme.
• after installing the theme in many users it says max var limit should be minimum 3000 value without doing this you can’t save your settings.
• You can’t increase the like button size on answers if you do this won’t show properly.
• the theme support team ask to pay extra when you ask some more customization consultation to them.
• if you don’t insert a description of your question you will face some Google search console errors.
• You can’t update your theme in a single click you need to delete the old theme and install again latest version.
• you won’t get approve or reject option on the question section.
• forget password system is not good for the users. If you reset the password you will get a default generated password from WordPress.
• for the solution to many problems they do it by themself they don’t give you a solution or what should you have to do.

Conclusion – here I gave an honest review that which things I like about this theme and which things I don’t like about this theme. Now all things depend upon you. If you want to install a forum on WordPress not anywhere else then I would like to say that this is a good theme for WordPress. I have tasted many other themes too I feel better on this theme rather than others.

Of course, it has some errors but you can ask the support team to help you to fix theme error. In the public comment section, I like their responses.

Here you can check the demo and can purchase it –

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